Out now: The Book of Paper
What is the educational value of craft? What do we learn through the act of making? Is ‘craft’ still relevant in today's design world?
The Book of…
series will explore these themes by celebrating the creative potential and intrinsic qualities of seemingly ‘everyday’ materials such as paper, wood, glass and stone.

The Book of Paper
Special Edition: General Science

Shop / Distribution
Book Launch
We cordially invite you for the book launch of The Book of Paper at Print Room, a platform dedicated to artists’ publications, small press and self-publishing projects by artists and designers, based in Rotterdam.
december 18 2010, 16.00-18.00
Print Room, Rotterdam

Cardboardia Moscow
The Books of… will give lectures and workshops at the 2011 edition of the Cardboardia Festival.
january 12-16 2011
Designcenter ArtPlay, Moscow

Papier Hier

We are invited to speak about the Book of Paper at this year’s PapierHier-conference by paper company Antalis. The conference is about paper and its applications in design and arts.
november 20 2010, 12.00-18.00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Welcome Chiaki Morita!

With Chiaki Morita, a very talented paper artist and creator of washi paper joined our team!

Makers Festival 2010

You can find us during the Makers Festival 2010 in Amsterdam, a festival about the new role of crafts and design in a changing society.
october 1 + 2 2010, 11.00-18.00
Garage Notweg, Amsterdam

Two new contributions

We are happy to welcome two new contributors for The Book of Paper:
the conservator of the Dutch
Paper Historical Collection
and the British Association of Paper Historians.

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